Eco-friendly buildings through Vastushastra

Eco-friendly buildings through Vastushastra
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By Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-founder, VastuRaviraj


Over the last few decades, the environmental concerns have accelerated at an alarming pace. Environmental crises like global warming, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and many such are catapulting our Mother Earth into the brink of disaster. As our actions have not been in favour of this beautiful planet, we have seen natural disasters striking at us with larger frequencies. One of the cataclysmic factors contributing towards this is the “urban sprawl”. Today, we see rampant and unbridled construction of residences & commercial spaces just to accommodate the population and their capitalistic views. While we may not have an answer to the natural cataclysms, but we all know that each one if they adopt a certain way of sustainable living then we can give a better planet to future generations. And the answer lies in our ancient roots – the indigenous science of Vastushastra.

Vastushastra, is a first of its kind ancient Indian edifice science, which has given deep thoughts to climatic balancing in the premises of residential as well as commercial utility. All the parameters illustrated in green building constructions whether it is US or India, green buildings are nothing but principles and guidelines from Indian Vastushastra.

A courtyard in the middle:  We are still able to witness such houses in rural India. These premises facilitate air and light from all sides. As a result the energy pulse and vibrations in these kind of structures are at its peak and contribute to higher productivity (creativity and efficiency of the inhabitants). Old government offices and public utility buildings in cities like Mumbai and in many other big cities, without any facility of air conditioning  or ultra-lighting are still most comfortable for its occupants

Lowest height to the structures in the North-East: Vastushastra strongly recommends structure in the North-East with lowest heights and the tallest structures in South-West. This ensures maximum natural light exposure to the building,  which in turn contributes to energy conservation. This, in spite of a North and South solstices (uttarayan & dakshinayan)

Open spaces in the plot: Vastushastra suggests maximum open space in North-East and minimum in South-West. This ensures overall good health of its residents

Heavy structures in the South-West: All heavy and tall structures including staircase and overhead water tanks should be planned in South-West. Open spaces in the South-West could bring in negative energies and the same should be blocked. In fact all heavy and large expansive trees are strongly recommended towards the South-West corner of the plot

Minimum windows and doors in South to West zone: It facilitates maximum spread and focus of ultraviolet rays that we get from the morning sun rays. These are beneficial for insecticidal & de-germinating effect.

Underground water storage in North-East zone: This ensures purification and protection from abundance of UV rays

Placement of toilets: Toilets should be ideally built in West of the North-West and in the South of South-West due to high penetrability of infra-red rays coming from setting sun-rays and to kill germs, ants and other insects from toilet region. At the same  time, presence of air element helps to diffuse bad odour.

Storage: Due to the effect of infra-red rays and presence of air element maximum storage of food grains and luggage plus stocking items of utility is advised to store in the North-West zone.

Design of kitchen: South-East corner represents fire element hence presence of Kitchen is essential here. Hence Gas-stove in South-East with window on East wall and the cook is expected to face the East.  The window here would help in bringing positive universal energies of East, which are received from the – Sahasrara or crown chakra of the human body. It helps to maintain physical & mental activeness of the cook.  A window from South or West brings breeze of air which would get ventilated from the window in the East wall – a natural exhaust fan

Vastushastra, the metaphysical edifice science of Indian origin, is a science of construction that synchronizes balance between human life and nature. The five basic elements (namely space, air, fire, water and earth), the eight directions (namely North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West, North-West), the electro-magnetic and gravitational forces of the Earth, the cosmic energy emanating from the planets as well as the atmosphere & its influence on human life are all taken into consideration in the science of Vastushastra. The cosmic energies are not confined to a singular geographical location but is universal in nature and hence the science of Vastushastra is effective all over the globe. Use Vastushastra not just for effective but sustainable leaving and help in the betterment of climatic changes.

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