Ed Sheeran’s London real estate empire grows

Ed Sheeran’s London real estate empire grows
10/02/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Ed Sheeran’s search for the “Perfect” home has his real estate collection shaping up nicely after he reportedly spent 10 million British pounds — $12.9 million — on five London homes.

The singer now owns 27 properties, including 22 in London. Their combined value is estimated at 57 million pounds, or $73.5 million.

Most of Sheeran’s properties were reportedly purchased through Maverick Properties, a company he formed with his manager, Stuart Camp. U.K. business records show the value of investment properties owned by Maverick Properties Limited increased by more than 330 percent from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2018, up to 26.7 million pounds, or $35.7 million. A second business, Maverick Commercial Properties Limited, listed investment property totaling 875,000 pounds — $1.1 million — as of the end of 2018.

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