ESP+UV Filters at Bharti Realty Office Buildings for Corona-Free Air

ESP+UV Filters at Bharti Realty Office Buildings for Corona-Free Air
28/10/2020 , by , in ALLIED

Bharti Realty, the real estate arm of Bharti Enterprises, has installed ESP+ UV filters in all common areas of Worldmark Aerocity, and the entire buildings of Bharti Crescent and Airtel Centre to provide the safest possible working environment for its employees, tenants and partners.

The company has partnered with Honeywell, one of the best tech solution providers globally, for the same and is open to facilitate implementation of these filters in individual areas as well.

UV filters are the latest and the most effective technology to fight the virus and the ESP is supposed to take care of even 1-micron particles keeping the premises dust free and virus free. Company’s marquee office property ‘Atelier’ which comes as an ideal example of a 21st Century Development, designed with the new norm of post-Covid working much ahead of its time already boasts of ESP+UV filters in its entire facility. Along with the TFA (Treated Fresh Air Units), MERV 13 filters at all its properties installed in the first phase, now Bharti Realty’s commercial projects follows installation of ESP+UV Filters at its properties.

S.K. Sayal, Whole Time Director & CEO, Bharti Realty Limited said, “With research showing the coronavirus may spread through shared air, it is imperative for developers to upgrade the HVAC systems of buildings to keep the indoor air as virus-free as possible. Bharti Realty has reopened offices, after taking all necessary preventive measures to check Covid-19 spread, in accordance with government regulations and guidelines, and company’s own concern for the highest standards of safety. Installation of ESP+UV filters is yet another testament to our unwavering commitment to providing a safer workplace to our employees and tenants amidst Covid-19”.

Bharti Realty’s facility management arm ‘Bharti Care’ has issued certain guidelines and have deployed a comprehensive SOP. The company has housekeeping / hospitality staff thoroughly trained in safety, security, and hygiene of an establishment. They follow ‘Namaskaar Culture’ in the building premises to maintain social distancing while greeting customers. It has made it mandatory for all its housekeeping staff to follow 20 second hand wash guidance to ensure maximum hygiene standards.

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