Everest Industries: Solution to Fibre Cement Boards

Everest Industries: Solution to Fibre Cement Boards
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A pioneer in manufacturing state of the art building solutions, Everest Industries has been actively catering to the changing needs of the aesthetically aligned product portfolio across different categories in the likes of Roofing, Boards & Panel, Pre-Engineered Buildings and Rooftop Solar Solutions. The latest European technology has enabled Everest industries to manufacture clean green and innovative multipurpose cement boards. Everest has 2 state-of-the-art plants in Nashik and Roorkee.

Fibre Cement Boards are the fastest emerging interior-exterior panel product. Everest’s range of fibre cement boards is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of Portland cement, treated cellulose fibres, finely ground silica quartz and other selected mineral fillers in a state-of-the-art facility using a digitally controlled process making it environment-friendly in nature. The principal components of the mixture are cement and cellulose fibre. Cement acts as a hydraulic binder and the cellulose fibres interlock with the cement and quartz matrices to add strength to the boards.

FCB has possibilities and versatile application in making Wall Partitions, Cladding, Ceiling, Façade, Kitchen applications, Doors and surface decorative applications.

The different types of Everest Fibre Cement Boards are:

  • Cladding Solutions provides aesthetics to walls by application of Fibre Cement Boards over brick, block or concrete walls. It gives a damp-proof surface with improved thermal and sound insulation of the area. It is suitable for all internal and external wall applications either new construction or refurbishment of old structures.
  • Flooring Solutions have been scientifically manufactured to give end consumers high-quality mezzanine floors, raised/cavity floors for services, being a substitute to the conventional wet construction. They are more durable and easier to install and can be used as a floor substrate in industrial, commercial, residential and pre-fabricated buildings. Also provides a resilient base, which is thermally and acoustically effective, weather resistant and has the ability to carry live and dead loads.
  • Drywalls are fibre based cement board wall solutions and are best suited for fast-track construction schedule. Drywalls are lighter, easier to handle and eliminates ‘drying time’ associated with brick and mortar construction.
  • Wall Lining Solutions are used to clad brick, block and concrete walls to give a damp proof surface and to improve the thermal insulation of the area. It is suitable for all internal applications, either new construction or for refurbishing oli9d structures.
  • MezzanineFlooris strong and durable boards that are extremely popular in residential, commercial and industrial installations. Mezzanine is best suited for areas with moderate to heavy load and medium traffic. They are also witnessed to act as a perfect substrate to final finished floor options with a suitable framework of steel or timber.
  • Ceilings, today just don’t abide by their conventional roles, false ceilings are multipurpose in nature, reflecting light and heat. With not only restricting to confined spaces, but false ceilings are also installed in open areas like external corridors, porticos, driveways amongst a few. Additionally, Everest Industries also offer pre-coated grids and accessories to install these ceilings


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