Ex-CEO of YEIDA booked for land scam

Ex-CEO of YEIDA booked for land scam
05/06/2018 , by , in News/Views

P C Gupta, A former CEOof Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, and 20 others have been booked for allegedly acquiring 57.15 hectares of land at an inflated price from relatives and acquaintances though the land actually had no utility.

The FIR states that Gupta informed his relatives and acquaintances about the acquisition in advance, and the latter bought the land from farmers. The Yamuna Authority then acquired the land from them at double the rates without any deliberations in 2013-14. The accused had bought the land from farmers just two to four months back before it was finally acquired by the YEIDA.

The complainant, Gajendra Singh, an inspector in Yamuna Authority, said YEIDA had acquired 57.15 hectare during Gupta’s tenure. The Yamuna Authority later found irregularities in the land acquisition and formed an internal committee for investigation. On May 7, 2018, the YEIDA CEO filed a report citing a number of flaws in the acquisition.

The FIR states that Gupta, in connivance with other Yamuna Authority officials, first got useless land bought by their acquaintances and relatives, which was later acquired by the Authority at double the prices, resulting into losses to the exchequer. The Authority found that 57.15 hectare acquired land had no utility in future.

The land was acquired in seven villages – Mador, SeupattiBangar, SeupattiKhadar, KalaunaBangar, KalaunaKhadar, SotipuraBangar and NaujhilBangar for Rs 85.49 crore. Its net present value (NPV) is nearly Rs 126 crore.

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