Experiential Marketing – The New Way to Sell Real Estate

Experiential Marketing – The New Way to Sell Real Estate
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With multitude of projects being launched by hundreds of developers of all segments, a real estate buyer often feels lost, ignored and confused. What’s exactly right for him? Well no one really cares to tell. Visiting the developer sales offices is no help either where one gets flocked by the sales people or the real estate agents. And you start feeling more LOST.

Such scenarios are not uncommon but soon this is all going to be passe and thing of past. Developers are starting to recognize the needs of their prospects and are looking at ways and means to address their needs, engage them and lead them towards making the buying decision using new age experiential marketing techniques and installation based experiences. These experiences promise to give the prospects their own space to understand the projects in collaborative multiuser environment, address their concerns, live the experience of being in the not yet constructed property and thereafter make a buying decision.

At Sparrow Interactive we have been partnering with real estate developers across India to provide such interactive, immersive and engaging platforms. Besides conventional CG and 3D work which the company has been doing ever since its inception in 1996, Sparrow has been bringing to life real estate projects with interactive scale models, immersive curved screen AV rooms for cinematic experience, 5D installations, multi touch technologies, holographic displays and Augmented reality solutions.

The next time you visit a sales office you may be pleasantly surprised with an environment that forms your connect with the brand, gives you opportunity to explore the property on your own on a multi-touch table while sipping a hot cappuccino, experiencing the flythrough of the property in a 5D environment that gives you the in property immersive experience and looking at your tower being formed virtually in thin air within a given development. What’s more the brochures you take will talk to you using augmented reality and so would the newspaper ads. And this is not all; you can expect walking back home with a framed picture of yourself standing in the property in question with your favourite star who happens to be a brand ambassador for the project. And we need to mention that before your reach your home you have everything about the property your mobile in form of an informative app pushed to you using Bluetooth enabled proximity marketing.

Experiences involving Holographic display projections are also fast catching up in the West and have started finding foothold with our very own Indian Real estate industry as well. Imagine seeing the project forming in thin air in front of your eyes. To make sure this technology does absolute justice to the sales pitch one can also present axonometric views of apartment layouts, explain property features, showcase amenities and the lifestyle on offer.

These technologies are being used in seclusion right now; our aim is to create environments which are self-guided and by the time the prospect reaches your sales guy he already has made a decision to invest and sales takes over to help him choose the just right home from the available inventory.

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