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Facility Management till now was considered a requirement only for commercial properties. But, increasingly housing societies are employing professional facility management service providers for the residential complexes.

The residential complexes across cities now also contain various amenities like pools, gym, landscaped gardens and clubhouse to name a few for the residents. Apart from these amenities, the multi dwelling complexes have a daily need for management of water, electricity, waste, parking and security.

The Co-op housing societies run by residents committee generally employ a property manager to look after the maintenance issues and any other task handed out by the residents managing committee. However, such an arrangement is fraught with inefficiencies and inadequate maintenance of facilities especially in case of larger housing complexes.

Given the multitude of day-today issues with respect to facilities in a housing society including the consistent running of essential services like lifts, lights in common areas and security, the need for trained manager and maintenance professionals is being realized. Residents are also grasping the fact that the value-added services like life style amenities or technology for security etc. requires professional maintenance that enhances the life of those facilities and is cost saving in the long run.

Many buildings are now Green certified to offer energy and water efficiency among others to the residents, but the same need to be consistently maintained by professionals, if they are to continue to benefit the residents.

“FM services providers can offer, ranging from real time reports on the condition of their buildings and core components to ensuring compliance with green standards. FM services can also help in real estate procurement, leasing, and disposal of wastes. Preventive and Planned Maintenance (PPM) programs can ensure that there are limited breakdowns, and timely replacements of faulty or underperforming parts, ensuring continuity of equipment and safety of occupants,” said Rohit Kapoor, Executive Director and COO, EFS Facilities Services.

With advancement in technology, engineering and administrative and regulatory compliances, the demand for professional facility management in residential segment will continue to grow. No more restricted to luxury and premium projects, now the mid-segment residential buildings too prefer to hire professional FM Company.

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