Facility Management Turning Efficient

Facility Management Turning Efficient
Jun 2019 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ converses with Prabhu Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder, Facilioabout sustainability and energy efficiency in the facility management sector.

How FM Management is becoming energy-efficient? 

“Energy efficiency in buildings has become a core deliverable for FM companies and CRE owners as sustainability becomes a key metric of economic wellbeing & enhanced ROI as well as a millennial expectation. But so far sustainability and energy efficiency has been more of a catchphrase and an annual audit activity, piecemeal and siloed in impact. With technology, FM’s are finally reaching a stage of being able to deliver sustainable and everyday sustainability by embedding it into dailyoperations of buildings.

Using the power of next-gen tech like AI, IoT and ML, facilities management is now able to unify the transparency of asset performance across portfolios, gather real-time data, and therefore fix and improve energy efficiency on an immediate basis. With end to end digitization across the facilities management value-chain, mobility for the workforce and AI driving continuous monitoring and control, FM’s are better empowered to prevent wastage and optimize energyefficiency.

Further, technology allows all stakeholders including building occupants, to become partners in sustainability, making it a daily habit. B2C modelled mobile apps that update, and even reward tenants on energy efficient practices and low carbon emissions will be the next frontier of tech-led sustainability in facilities management.

For facilities management to become energy efficient, it requires an enterprise-wide platform that digitizes the entire process from measurement, waste detection and analytics, to facility management workflow, as well as fixing and verifying resolution, harnessing technologies like AI, IoT and ML, and enabling continuous sustainability across portfolios.

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