Finally Property Survey in Jaipur after 15 Years

Finally Property Survey in Jaipur after 15 Years
Aug 2020 , by , in Latest News, News/Views

After 15 long years, Jaipur city will restart its property survey to identify the buildings which need to pay urban development tax.Taxable property survey was last conducted in 2005 and since then the population of the city has almost doubled.

At present, there are 1.32 lakh taxable properties that were identified in the 2005 survey. Lack of updated survey has been a major economic blow to the revenue of the municipal corporation. Municipal Corporation Jaipur, Greater, deputy commissioner (revenue) Naveen Bhardhwaj said, “We have hired a company to complete geo-tagging of the properties. The tender is for nine years within which it will complete the survey and assessment. Along with the survey, the company will assist in tax collection as well.”

“The company will survey all the properties whether it is already registered or not. In 15 years, a residential complex may have been converted into a commercial building. So, that has to be updated. In Walled City area, all the havelis will be surveyed as many owners have converted them into commercial buildings like hotels or home-stays.”

The company will not wait to complete the survey before sending notices for tax to property owners. As the survey of a particular area will get completed, simultaneously notices will be served. With the commercial growth in Jaipur, at present only Rs 100 crore is generated from the registered properties every year, however, this amount should have been approx. Rs 800 crore.

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