Finding the right balance is crucial

Finding the right balance is crucial
May 2019 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ talks to Rohit Poddar, Managing Director, Poddar housing and Development Ltd, finding out his opinion on homebuyers purchasing patterns.

While constructing a project do you look at providing the best amenities or is the location of more importance?

Sticking to the middle ground and finding the right balance between amenities and a location with better social infrastructure is really important. Improved connectivity in the suburbs has significantly bridged the gap between prominent areas of the city and outskirts. Buyers nowadays are emphasizing more on the amenities and a better lifestyle rather than the location of the project so we focus on providing the best amenities possible for a blissful living experience.


Are homebuyers focusing on amenities while looking at houses or location? Why?

Amenities matter to some people but are of no value to others; the majority of the buyers go for a prominent location due to the ease in the resale process and appreciation in the value of the property. But the maintenance charges of the amenities in these areas are quite high so buyers are looking for an affordable alternative and shifting their focus to the suburbs of the city. A good location, however, is not a drawback for any segment of the buying market but the demand for amenities is evenly balanced.

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