First time buyers to get more help to get on the housing ladder in the UK

First time buyers to get more help to get on the housing ladder in the UK
03/10/2017 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

The Help to buy scheme in the UK aimed at helping first time buyers on the housing ladder is to be extended and a more pro-development planning environment introduced.

In the first major sign that policies outlined in the Government’s Housing White paper earlier this year will be followed through, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid appeared to confirm that housing is very much on the political agenda.

Ahead of his speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, he confirmed that an extra £10 billion will be put into an extended Help to Buy scheme which aims to put another 135,000 first time buyers on the housing ladder.

He indicated that promises to improve the planning system, which he described as being too much in favour of anti-development, will go ahead. His speech is expected to hit out at so-called Nimbies who don’t want homes built next to them.

His speech is also expected to confirm that landlords would be required to join a redress scheme, to make it easier for wronged tenants to get justice, all letting agents will have to register and a new housing court set up to speed up court cases.

Speaking to BBC Radio Five he hit out at home owners who ‘sit on a nice nest egg’ but oppose housing developments and thus block the prospects of housing for future generations and prevent the broken housing market from being fixed.

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