First Tokenized Real Estate Transaction Completed

First Tokenized Real Estate Transaction Completed
29/06/2019 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Equisafe has completed the very first real estate transaction facilitated by blockchain in France, according to a report.

Equisafe is described as a “neo investment bank” for digital security issuance. Equisafe can provide a variety of services including security token issuance and a secondary market for private securities. Equisafe also will white-label its platform.

According to a report Equisafe facilitated the €6.5 million purchase of a mansion – “Anna” in the Boulogne-Billancourt neighborhood of Paris.

The property was tokenized using the Ethereumblockchain. A share in the company was represented by 10 tokens. These tokens were distributed to purchasers. Each token may be divisible into 100,000 units and exchanged on the secondary market. A token is thus equivalent to €6.5.

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