Flat buyers’ group to map delayed projects

Flat buyers’ group to map delayed projects
20/03/2017 , by , in News/Views

The flat buyers’ association, which played a key role in pushing the real estate regulation law has now started a new exercise to map and prepare a list of delayed projects across the country . After one of the major real estate bodies, CREDAI, raised the demand for excluding ongoing projects from the ambit of regulation, the flat buyers’ body is now compiling the number of housing projects that have been delayed by years.

“Our aim is to bust two myths the real estate lobbies are selling. First they maintain that only a few fly-by-night players are bringing bad name to the industry and most of their members adhere to the norms. Most of them claim their buyers are happy . Second, only new projects should be covered under new re gulation to start enforcement of law without getting into legacy . We will expose them on both these fronts with data and will present them to the government,” said Abhay Upadhyay , national convenor of Fight For RERA.

Upadhyay said they were surprised to get details from flat buyers how housing projects are delayed inordinately in relatively smaller cities such as Puri, Thane and Belgaum. “We have already got over 350 response and we are reaching out to more flat buyers across the country so that we have a bigger data to counter the lobbying that is being done by the real estate developers at central and state levels.The problem is acute not just in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore but almost in every part on India,” he added.

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