Freehold tag for 1 lakh leased out plots soon in Maharashtra

Freehold tag for 1 lakh leased out plots soon in Maharashtra
14/12/2018 , by , in News/Views

Citizens can soon buy nearly one lakh plots leased out by the government to various residential societies, educational institutes or for agriculture purposes across the state.

The plots can be bought provided the draft rules are cleared by the government. The last date for people’s suggestions and objections to the draft rules for the conversion of the leased land to ownership plots is December 18.

The conversion of such land may boost the state exchequer by over Rs 25,000 crore. At the same time, the government may lose out some public land in some prime areas at concessional rates.

“The move would help the revenue machinery, as there are huge tracts of land leased out to housing societies and educational institutes and for agriculture and commercial purposes. These are prime properties. The government is expected to generate over Rs 25,000 crore following the sale of these land,” a senior revenue department official said.

The state cabinet had in September approved conversion of Class II (leased) land into Class I (ownership) land. The draft rules were published and the final notification would be issued after the suggestions and objections.

“There are several housing societies and educational institutions that have occupancy status. They have constructed buildings, but must follow the government rules for sale, mortgage or any other use,” a revenue official said.

Activists have raised concerns over disposing of such prime land at concessional rates. “The move would bring about easy conversion. The housing societies that have not renewed the lease or the educational and commercial institutes that have been given huge tracts of land will benefit as they would get the prime plots. The land could have fetched the government huge prices at market rate,” an activist said on condition of anonymity.

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