Fun & Functional

Fun & Functional
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Fun & Functional

Office designs today are replete with innovative new ideas and novel dimensions. In sync, Mumbai based interior designing firm Anish Motwani Associates believes in creating designs that apart from meeting the client’s requirements and expectations ‘make a sense out of space’.

Right from the beginning, the client was very clear that he wanted a space where they would dedicate 45 seats to a business centre (which would act as startup incubator) and have a separate space for the client’s construction business (i.e. Gemini Developers) comprising three cabins and two workstations.

The 3300sqft office interiors needed to project a very youthful and energetic feel being a start-up incubator and at the same time exude a professional and corporate appeal for the established business space. The designer addressed the challenge with a unique use of space that communicates with the people in it adapting to their work specifics and work culture.

Since the office is located on the seventh floor which also happens to be the refuge area of the building, the open space brings an element of outdoors to the entire design concept. While, the open space is used for recreational activities, a small pantry for refreshments is also adjusted in a corner of this area.

The Startup Business Centre

office  Model

The space for the business centre has combinations of workstations to seat two, four and eight employees along with cabin arrangements. A distinct feature of this space is the built-in design flexibility that allows seating pattern to be arranged as per one’s needs and requirements. The emphasis is to create an environment that is adaptable and spaces that are open to customization as per individual requirements.

The conference room at the far end can accommodate 15 people and is ideal for presentations, conferences and meetings. This conference room is fully equipped with a projector screen, laptop connectivity and video conferencing capability.


The Construction Business Office

The three cabins for the construction business section are approached from a common reception cum waiting area. But again, keeping in mind the tastes of the individual’s occupying the cabins, the designer created all the three cabins in separate design and form. A unique feature of this space is the door handles that are custom made with wood symbolizing the logo of Gemini group.

door-knob  reception

Director Cabin 1:  The space adopts an Ethnic Indo British look with lots of veneer on walls (up to certain height) and mouldings on walls and doors. The main director table is kept huge with carving on sides and front to give a ‘Live Life King-size’ feeling.

director-cabin  director-cabin-glass-table

Director Cabin 2:  This is a modern cabin showing off the use of glass in its entire interiors.   The table is also made of glass and leg support is of stainless steel in the shape of the construction company (Gemini) Logo. The main attraction in the cabin is the unique red SOFA which is a definite eye-catcher.


Director Cabin 3:  This cabin displays a fusion of design elements for an eclectic feel. The table is circular with Ducco and back-painted glass in white. The windows are old-styled French windows with ducco paint on it. There is a lamp placed right in the centre of the table to strike the conversations.

The final design of this office has given the client a creative space place that is fun and motivating yet, maintains a high level of functionality

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