Get ready for your wedding with rented furniture

Get ready for your wedding with rented furniture
22/01/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Authored by Sidhant Lamba, Founder, Fabrento


Wedding marks the beginning of a new journey, and undoubtedly carries a lifelong special place in the hearts of a married couple. No wonder that couples try to do all within their reach to make the most out of their big day. Even though wedding cake, dress and bouquet might be on your priority list, treating furniture as something secondary can prove to be a big mistake.


Your selection of furniture can significantly decide whether the guests laud the efforts that you put in your special occasion or leave with complaints.


Right kind of furniture choices go a long way in adding to the visual appeal of the wedding venue and making the event memorable as these pieces are going to appear in a lot of wedding photographs and will be the first thing noticeable to the guests upon arrival. Moreover, if appropriate, functional furniture for guests and family members can be a great way of ensuring comfort for the people who spared time to grace your special occasion.


So, here we have some affordable furniture rental options to choose from that will surely make your wedding a truly unforgettable affair.


Go Regal: With George thrones for the bride and groom in the imperial gold or champagne hues that is bound to show who are in the lead. It is a perfect example of a classic glamorous look without being too showy.


Display your artistic style: Enliven the atmosphere by substituting boring chairs with the ones that mirror your style. You might use unconventional crescent shaped chairs to create a dreamy fairytale setting or make use of chairs with upholsteries that have bold patterns or art designs to create an edgy vibe.


Go quirky : With stools carved like human hand that give the feel of sitting on a palm or rich red face chairs that will not only break the monotonicity and add a fun element to your D-day but the novelty will also cause people to remember it for longer.


Go Dramatic: With laying back options like tufted stiletto shaped seating arrangement or a moon shaped daybed that is bound to earn you applause. With the unprecedented comfort it brings, it is all you need to strike up relaxed talks during intimate gatherings.  


Choose comfort: You could incorporate pretty twin pearly consoles into the wedding furniture that will serve as a breathtaking backdrop for all the wedding nuptials.



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