Glasgow’s Tallest Office Building Goes “Touch-Free”

Glasgow’s Tallest Office Building Goes “Touch-Free”
29/07/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

The developers of Glasgow’s soon-to-be tallest office building have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to redesign it because of COVID-19. They had already started constructing the building at 177 Bothwell Street before the pandemic reached the UK. But because of safety concerns, HFD Property Group decided to make the building “touch-free.”

“You can now come from outside the building through the front doors, through our security barriers, into the lifts and on to your occupier’s floors without physically touching any part of the building. Whether it’s through the speed gates or destination control, you get to your place of work without touching anything. In the toilet space you can flush, wash your hands, dry them, soap dispensing all that again is fully touchless.”” said Stephen Lewis, Managing Director at HFD Property Group. Lewis claimed the conversion was worth it because it only cost a small fraction of the overall money spent on the building, which will be finished in 2021.

Lewis said that work flexibility, wellness, smart tech and sustainability were all becoming more popular before the pandemic. “COVID-19 has effectively just super accelerated all these trends,” he said.

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