GM is set to redefine switches with G-X, the slimmest, range in Home Electrical category

GM is set to redefine switches with G-X, the slimmest, range in Home Electrical category
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Simplifying life has always been a natural feeling and convenience is the cause of all upgrades. History teaches us that everything evolves with time. Change is the only constant and that which leads to growth and betterment of humanity is the best form of change. G-X is certainly paving its way for bringing a productive change with constructive growth and improved convenience

Set to redefine switches, GM introduces G-X, the slimmest, range in Home Electrical category. The new G-X range takes the switches & accessories category altogether to a new level with mesmerizing form and functionality. Innovation is reaching a new high with G-X’s exciting range of accessories that ace in quality and features, starting from switches, lamps, dimmers, regulators and more to give you a complete luxurious experience. Thus, ensuring that you and your home get nothing but the best.

The brand understands that things don’t get better by chance. They get better by change. Therefore, they constantly aim to reinvent their products. GM does all it takes, from using materials of exceptional representation of quality to machines that deliver utmost precision that helps boost efficiency. The newly launched G-X is a product of the brand’s passion. It is glamorous, fabulous and is sure to hold key to consumer happiness. Be it living area, bedroom, kitchen or any other home space , G-X switches adds aesthetics to the environment while also providing comfort and convenience in any room of the home.

GM’s MD and CEO, Mr. Jayanth Jain Said “ At GM, we all desire to make life simpler, we strive to create products that adds convenience and comfort. We understand the significance of uncluttered spaces and the need for the range of flat and slim accessories that enhances the wall and interiors, we have introduced G-X range”


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