Govt urged to rein in ‘jacked up’ cement prices

Govt urged to rein in ‘jacked up’ cement prices
26/06/2018 , by , in ALLIED

With cement prices skyrocketing,  manufacturers of cement bricks and tiles have been hit  hard and the All Kerala Cement Bricks and Tile Manufacturers’ Association has approached the state government seeking to rein in the vaulting cement prices.“ The construction sector has been badly affected on account of the spiralling prices of cement.

“The production cost of concrete bricks and tiles, manufactured using cement, has increased manifold as the price of a cement bag has increased by upto `60-70 in the last fortnight. Hence, the cement allied industries are in deep crisis,” said Viju Palal, the association’s president.

According to the association, with the hike in the cement prices, the manufacturer will be forced to increase the price of interlocking tiles by Rs 4 per sq ft. “The cement manufacturers are trying to create an artificial demand to jack up the price. When Tamil Nadu faced such a crisis the government itself came to the sector’s rescue by launching ‘Amma cement’. The state government must intervene to check the ‘artificial’ price hike,” Viju said.

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