Green is the new cable in your wall

Green is the new cable in your wall

Everyone wants to have the best and most comfortable home for them and their family. Money is splurged on the latest gadgets and electronic appliances. But what about the electric cables that carry the electric charge to all those expensive home appliances?
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Ideally cables and electrical wires should receive the most attention to detail. However, that is where the quality is most compromised as hidden behind the walls; they are out of sight, out of mind. Electric wires & cables thus are the most underestimated electrical necessity. Choosing reliable cables is crucial for safe delivery of power throughout the house. The primary criterion of a good cable isthe use of oxygen free copper wire. They are better than aluminum and copper in conducting electricity. Another factor that makes a cable safe is the plastic (PVC) insulation. Additionally, many organizations are going green in response to being environment friendly.

Eco-sensitive Manufacturing
The cables are either manufactured through green processes and methods or are manufactured using green products & materials. Such cables are manufactured solely from materials that are deemed environmentally friendly. These types of cables avoid using ingredients that may harm ecological and human health. The material that is used instead is not harmful for the environment and does not emit any detrimental discharges.

The green manufacturing processis centered on conservation and waste management and is completely eco-friendly. It minimizes harm to the eco-system or living species. Nothing is wasted during the process of manufacturing. Also, their production process does not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Havells, one of the known electric cables company makes use of Crosslinked Polyolefin (XLPO) as an insulation and preferred polymer for photo-voltaic application in the wire and cable segment. These cables can perform under extreme circumstances and the toughest of weather conditions.Rakesh Rajput, Vice President, HAVELLS India Private Limited stated, ““We follow a precautionary approach to design practices in order to minimize the risks and impact of our business operations on the environment. Further, we have implemented Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management systems in our plants to address such issues. We get our EHS management system audits conducted on a regular basis by third party certification agencies.”

Along with being healthy for the environment these green cables are also great on electricity bills. The cost of these cables has an 8-10% variation from regular wires but electricity consumption by these cables is reduced by half.
One of the fastest growing green products in Indiais the Solar cables. Other than solar cables quite a few companies have come up with various other eco-friendly alternatives. “Amid the growing interest inenvironmental protection, the procurement of materials that are kind to the environment is advancing rapidly in the electronic equipment industry. We have developed environment friendly lead-free wires that do not contain halogens,” said Ritu Jain, Head – Business Development, AVOCAB Wires & Cables.

She added, “Eco-friendly electric cable cannot be made of biodegradable material as this will lead to shorter lifespan. The amount of cable required to meet those installation demands also increases, so if the labor and manufacturing are not sustainable, then any environmental benefits touted by this sort of product may be nullified.”

“The wires and cables industry in India has come a long way, growing from being a small industry to a very large one, over the past decade. The increasing demand for power, light and communication has kept demand high for wire and cable. This trend will continue as demand for reliable, efficient energy and data communications will strengthen the eco-wires and cables industry in the future as well.” said Rajput.

In India, the size of the cable manufacturing industry is approximately Rs40,000crores. The growth in renewable power generation would be one of the primary factors for the growth of the electric cable and wire market. In the long run, green cables and other eco-friendly electrical alternatives are a great option. The have a positive impact on the environment as well as the electricity bills.

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