Green loving housing society to adopt bio composting

Green loving housing society to adopt bio composting
17/04/2017 , by , in News/Views

After successfully earning the title of an eco-friendly group, a Thane housing society has adopted bio-composting after starting and implementing a number of other environment-friendly activities.

From segregating their waste to be turned into manure to using that manure for their open society space, the residents of Eden Woods housing society are leaving no stone unturned to turn their complex into a biodiversity-rich society.

The residents, in the past, have implemented water segregation and recycling, maintaining 598 massive trees as kitchen garden in their areas to name a few.

T N Raghunatha, secretary of the Federation of Eden Woods Cooperative Housing Societies Ltd, said, “We began segregating waste generated from 800 odd flats in 18 buildings of our complex into dry and wet waste back in January 2016 with the help of green NGOs. However, in the months that passed by, we realised that a lot of our wet waste mixed with all kinds of waste in the garbage vehicles could actually be used for manure and reduce the pollution levels at the dumping grounds if dealt with in a proper and systematic way.”

“The amount of waste our society generated surprised us and we concretised our plan of going the zero waste route. We purchased eight syntax tubs that can be used for bio-composting and placed a layer of bacteria in each container, followed by the wet waste, the garden waste and lime powder to confine the odour to the tub. We also covered it with a mesh to keep it away from strays and hired a helper to handle this initiative daily,” said Usha Iyer, a resident of the society.

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