Green, the color of Commercial Real Estate

Green, the color of Commercial Real Estate
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Green projects form the foundation of a clean environment and promote healthy spaces. Such spaces act as a catalyst towards the reduction of pollution. K Raheja Corp is recognized as the pioneers of Green Projects. It’s been more than a decade that the company has initiated green projects for all its projects and with every passing day, the efforts are becoming more intense generating effective outcomes. Pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer are matters of critical concern, and at this rate, it is becoming difficult to sustain the Earth which means that very soon, in the near future, everyone will have to take recourse to the green movement. More green space within a city’s boundaries can improve the urban environment, and K Raheja Corp has taken many effective steps to implement the same in the interiors and surrounding environments of our projects.

Foliage, especially trees and shrubs aid in the removal of dust and other pollutants from the air, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Well planned green projects go a long way in enhancing night temperatures, especially during the summers. A dense cover of plants helps hold the soil in place. From mechanical systems and energy and efficient water fixtures to sustainable building materials, passive solar heating, healthy indoor air quality, and optimal natural light inside residences– each of these go a long way in creating more sustainable buildings. The exteriors of any Green project entail terrace and community gardens, tree plantations, balcony and rain gardens and permeable pavements. Vertical gardening, a now successful concept across metros has gained much momentum and is being promoted by the Government for implementation in public spaces as it will help in promoting a cleaner environment.

Green projects involve the usage of construction methods which are environmentally responsible. A vast amount of detailing goes into the construction of any Green Project, but the results are manifold and sustainable both regarding the environment and individual health, with energy conservation being the most efficient outcome. Green projects are projects of the future as they will help preserve a significant portion of the natural environment around a construction project, residential or commercial.

One of the bigger advantages of Green buildings is the returns on investments made in them which accrue in a short span of 3-4 years. Though the use of new technology might see additional effort and funds required in the construction of green building, the rewards of these are far higher and satisfying. Use of technology helps in the green efforts, benefiting workforce and society as a whole, reducing operating costs and elevating brand value.

Over the years, K Raheja Corp has been endowed with many accolades for being responsible developers in the interests of the community as a whole. All our commercial, as well as residential projects across the country are LEED & IGBC “Green Certified.” We are first amongst the community of developers to have signed an MOU with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) & Indian Green Building Council for the implementation of green building measures for all its commercial projects in India.

Today, the company takes pride in all its 22 Commercial Projects (Commercial Office & Hotels) – certified as Gold by LEED, 23 Commercial Projects (Commercial Office & Hotels) – certified by LEED; 5 Commercial (commercial office & a mall) are pre-certified, 6 residential projects and 5 residential projects are pre-certified by IGBC green homes. With many of their buildings certified Gold and Platinum, K Raheja Corp has been the recipient of numerous Indian and International awards across prestigious noteworthy platforms.

Various incentives like fast track approval for Green building projects are offered by the Government of India that help developers commence and conclude projects within stipulated deadlines, and supports them to build a reputable corporate image among other developers.

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