Guardian Eastern Meadows has been conceptualized after a well-researched market and buyers study

Guardian Eastern Meadows has been conceptualized after a well-researched market and buyers study
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After winning an award for Guardian Eastern Meadows, Kajal Malik, Chief Marketing Officer, Guardian Developers shares her views that make the project different from the others and the unique selling point, her eclectic feeling about being in people’s business.

You have won the award in the mid segment project of the year. Please express your views on winning the award in this category from Realty Plus?

At the outset, the entire team at Guardian Developers would like to thank Realty Plus for a brilliant show and insightful panel discussions. It’s great to see these forums in Pune!

Considering stiff competition, it’s an honour to emerge as a winner in the “Mid-Size Project of the year”. We feel absolutely thrilled to receive this award! With a strong Belief in “Every Home is a Guardian” the team feels delighted to create homes that gain acceptance and recognition from various stakeholders.

What do you have to say about the selection? Do you think the jury process was transparent?

With a National Jury comprising of some highly respected and credible names across related sectors, it’s needless to say that the process shall be fair and transparent. The information sought from each Developer was in-depth and elaborate which adds more weight to the evaluation process and check points.

Recognition from such an experienced and eclectic jury inspires the entire community to work harder and deliver better projects in the future.

What aspects that you think are different in the project or what is the USP of the winning project?

Guardian Eastern Meadows has been conceptualized after a well researched market and buyers study in its catchment area. This has helped us create a clear offering to match the need gap of the segment and the market. The creation by the lead architect and landscape designers of Pune thus creates an aspiration that truly appeals to its segment on various fronts -the location, its configuration and space planning. What adds to the offering is right pricing and the Crisil Rating right at its pre-launch stage itself. Today buyers are very well informed and well researched so it helps to offer a project with Crisil backing as lots of their queries get settled and anxiety is put to rest. So we would think, the success of any project is always an amalgamation of few key relevant aspects than any single USP.

What is your message to home buyers across Pune?

Real estate today is a buyer’s market, where every developer is putting his best foot forward to bridge the gap between the buyers need and the developers’ ability to provide. As a buyer with multiple options & offerings, it is best to gain comfort by a reassurance of checking important aspects related to legal formalities, sanctions, quality commitments and even past track about completion timelines before taking the final plunge. The current period is an extremely lucrative one for people looking to buy their own home. As a real estate market, Pune is already on a bright horizon. So investing in key micro-markets in this city shall be beneficial in the long run.

Can you name one thing that makes your project unique as compared to other similar projects in the city?

Right sizes – The attempt to bridge the need gap of buyers in that catchment area by providing compact & comfort size options in 2 & 3 BHK is one unique feature of Guardian Eastern Meadows.

Location is Key – Being close to IT hubs, there is large acceptance amongst corporate buyers.

This Coupled with the Proximity to Other important Infrastructure needs of the family e.g. Entertainment, Health, Education Gives Guardian Eastern Meadows a clear edge over many other options

How do you motivate your team?

We are all in people’s business. A consistent and motivated team is the most important element to the success of any organization. As a management, we make sure that we host team building workshops as that helps to keep team refreshed and united.

Alongside with the market evolving so fast, it’s important to host multiple workshops and learning session to keep our teams abreast of newer tools and technologies. As a group that believes in complete transparency in its handling, we encourage newer ideas and Fresh thinking from all our team members to evolve as a group. Recognition of good work always boosts the morale so it is our ongoing effort to celebrate our achievers!

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