Hafele State-of-the-art Design Showroom in the heart of Bangalore

Hafele State-of-the-art Design Showroom in the heart of Bangalore
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Häfele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, moves to its new, state-of-the-art design showroom in the heart of Bangalore. The spacious, 8,000square feet showroom unites globally-acclaimed interior trends with innovative functionality through interactive and functional display settings; bringing every imaginable design to reality.

Ms. Margit Hellwig-Bötte(German Consul General, Bangalore) inaugurated the showroom together with Mr. Jürgen Wolf (Managing Director, Hafele South Asia). At the onset of the launch, Mr. Wolf says –Bangalore is one of our biggest markets in India and we have been successfully catering to our customers through our earlier showroom and office facility. However, with the growing innovations in our range and the need to showcase them for our customers, we felt the need to move to a bigger premise.

He further elaborates on the Häfele Showroom Concept- Stylish Hardware Fittings that give you the best functionality for your individual application in your business or residence are hard to select from a catalog; neither can they be imagined or assumed. ThisnewHäfele Design Showroom has been designed to unlock the ideal design inspirations through live displays that allow you to experience the functionality of our products and solutions. Moreover, with increasing real estate prices and diminishing living spaces, the trend for innovative and space-saving interior solution has gained popularity among city-dwellers. Häfele has closely observed this trend and put-together a range of the most space-optimizing solutions with a continuing promise of ‚More life per metersquare‘. You will experience this first-hand when you see our intelligent showroom displays that efficiently manage space and functionality without compromising on comfort or design.

Design concepts and ideas can be better understood when they are experienced in LIVE set-ups. This is the ideology that backs the company’s initiative of establishing state-of-the-art design showrooms; where customers can walk in and experience world-class functionality, seamlessly routed in the latest global design trends. Quite inherent to what they do, Häfele is a strong believer of the mantra that ‘Form follows Function’ and the trick is to combine Functionality with Aesthetics and make them work in almost unperceivable unison. This is explicitly displayed in all HäfeleDesign Showrooms worldwide.

To this experience of functionality, Häfele adds a competent dimension of designing services for kitchens and wardrobes ably extended to customers by an expert team of Designers who exclusively operate from these Design Showrooms. The typical layout of any of Häfele’s Design Showrooms includes real-time displays of the company’s many product functionalities including a LIVE kitchen which is equipped with storage areas, appliances, and other utilities.

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