Heckler Designs Announce Rahi Systems As Key Authorized Distributor In India

Heckler Designs Announce Rahi Systems As Key Authorized Distributor In India
Jul 2020 , by , in Press Room

Rahi Systems, India’s leading Global IT Solutions Provider who employs a workforce of over 300 across the country has announced a new partnership with American brand Heckler Designs.

Rahi Systems, which was founded in 2012 is well known for its strong presence in multiple metropolitan cities in India and is set to become one of the major authorized distributors of Hecklers innovative audio-visual designs. This partnership will lead the way for Heckler to be easily available in the Indian Market.

Heckler Designs started its journey in 2008, inspired by the classic tanker desks, when company founder Dean Heckler sketched his idea of a modern minimal computer desk. With the skills of local fabricators in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the first ‘OneLessDesk’ was born.   Originally intended only as Hecklers’ personal desk, its space-saving and ergonomic design that featured innovations such as a rear-facing shelf, integrated wire management, and small size, raised some eyebrows. Today, it’s difficult to find any desk without these features!

Each Heckler Design product that followed can trace their heritage back to ‘OneLessDesk’. Its minimalism, rock-solid commercial-grade construction, clever details, and good looks can be found in every Heckler design.   Today, Heckler Design has grown to an intensely tight-knit team, supporting hundreds of manufacturing careers. The brand is renowned for its sleek design aesthetics but functional products such as secure iPad stands, audiovisual (AV) hardware, commercial tablet enclosures, and point-of-sale (POS) hardware.

If the recent global pandemic has proven anything, it is that creating and deploying reliable, state-of-the-art video conferencing systems is a challenge. In physical office spaces, it involves being in sync with facility managers, electricians, architects, furniture specifiers, and interior designers trying to hide messy cabling and equipment behind the display at a very high cost, wasting a lot of installation time. For companies, retail outlets, and as of today’s situation – home offices, Heckler makes sure that they win hearts with simple, appealing, less space-consuming and minimalistic designs that not only look good but do the job within minutes, saving hours of unnecessary installation time and big project budgets.

Sushil Goyal, Managing Director, Rahi Systems says,” We are very excited to work with Heckler Designs in India. We feel this partnership underscores our commitment to provide our customers with simplified yet innovative AV solutions that meet the need of the hour. We are happy to work with a company that shares our vision.”


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