Highly Engineered Kit-Of-Parts for High-Quality Affordable Homes

Highly Engineered Kit-Of-Parts for High-Quality Affordable Homes
16/01/2021 , by , in ALLIED

Materials giant Cemex has invested in an offsite business it hopes will “revolutionize” the housing industry. Modular construction, in its current form, does improve speed and quality of the build process, but it needs to make significant improvements to solve the housing crisis.

Cemex has now invested in London start-up Modulous which offers “a new construction approach based on a highly engineered kit-of-parts that enables the delivery of high-quality affordable homes at scale and pace. The software platform leverages artificial intelligence, generative design and 5D BIM modelling providing a fully integrated supply chain solution.

By digitizing the entire materials supply chain management, Modulous reduces the time and cost overruns common in the construction process. By decentralizing operations this solution can scale rapidly as assembly of the modules is carried out by companies local to the final site.

The construction system is easy to assemble, converting the kit of parts into homes in hours instead of months. Modulous has already secured a large pipeline of projects across the UK and Europe and is currently preparing the delivery of a £6.5m residential scheme in London.

The Modulous innovative approach enables the supply chain to deliver sustainable and high-quality homes, significantly reducing time and costs. This team is going to revolutionise the residential development industry.

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