Hive Home called out to lovers of art

Hive Home called out to lovers of art
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Whether you are an art enthusiast, an artist or someone who admires the beauty of different forms of art, Palladium is inviting all the art fanatic to come and see this marvellous glass installation ‘Azura’ by Hive Home. The idea behind the art installation is to basically depict the versatile and profound character of ‘Ocean’ which is continuously evolving and changing.

The artist, Shivangi Shah tried to exhibit her profound thought with her knowledge of glass and molding it in such a beautiful 3-D shape. She has gracefully elaborated the glass art ‘Azure’ in the form of Resin Art and Bubble in the glass to bring alive a picture perfect postcard. The vision behind this installation is to embrace the fluidity of design and aspire to bring the ocean alive.

Commenting on ‘Azura’ Glass Installation at Palladium, RajendraKalkar, President (West), The Phoenix Mills Limited said, “Palladium has always be considered as an epitome of beauty and luxury and the idea behind instituting it to give our customer an experience of its grandeur. We are excited for this art installation as these works of art will prompt our viewers to engage with art from an environmental perspective.”

Commenting on ‘Azura’ Glass Installation at Palladium, Shivangi Shah, Founder & Artist, Hive Home said, “There is no better way to learn & love nature than to understand art. Years ago, I discovered my source of inspiration and created one world called as Hive Home in Mumbai where I can experience total creative freedom. In my work, I like to break barriers between art and design. I often experiment with materials and technologies to get the final product “

The art evokes the beach, the ocean, the surf and freedom. Resembling more a liquid than a solid, glass and resin art is highly versatile in its nature. The process of blowing glass is like frozen moment in nature. Whereas, Resin is lustrous like glass but compositionally similar to plastic, resin effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities with high gloss finish. Inspired from mother earth love we have used healing crystals, semi-precious stones and glitter makingthis art versatile and remarkable.

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