Holiday Homes Are The New Trend For Tourists Travelling To Dubai

Holiday Homes Are The New Trend For Tourists Travelling To Dubai

Bed and Breakfast (bnb’s) holiday homes are fast becoming the new trend for travellers in Dubai. The main reason for the preference is that these holiday homes are the safest option for a holiday, especially during COVID19 times. With the gradual opening up of international travel, Indians now have the option to experience a holiday in Dubai within the safety of a luxurious bio-secure environment. As the globe battles the COVID19 pandemic, Dubai has already opened its restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and sports facilities, and kids’ activities. The city is allowing families to do what they normally do rather than sit cooped up in their houses as they have been doing for the past six months. The city will also play host to the 2020 IPL season.

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“Dubai has been welcoming tourists since July with local carriers resuming passenger services to several destinations worldwide. Dubai is a great attraction during this time and international travellers are pouring in. The summer is over and the heat will soon be replaced by pleasant evenings. Most travellers visiting Dubai are opting to stay at Holiday Homes. These are basically homes that provide the privilege of living in marquee areas within the Emirates. You can get an apartment for as low as $100 a day all the way up to $5,000 a day which comes with a 24-hour chauffeur, personal butler, private chef and the works.” said Vinayak Mahtani, CEO of Bnbme, a Dubai-based holiday homes management company. Bnbme manages properties across the Emirates including studios, boutique apartments, presidential suites, hollywood styled pent houses, flats with traditional arab décor which can be booked at

Many HNIs are looking to fly out and are looking at Dubai as an option. Dubai has been extremely strict with Covid and its lockdowns and the number of infections is completely under control.

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