Home gardening is gaining popularity

Home gardening is gaining popularity
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Contrary to the common notion, gardening is a simple affair. When it comes to home gardening, the task becomes even easier. With just a little guidance, anyone can have a beautiful, lush garden inside one’s house. Since the micro-apartment trend is catching up, home gardening has gained popularity among gardening enthusiasts. Relatively low on maintenance, a well-organised indoor garden can enhance your home décor. Furthermore, houseplants are believed to work as air purifiers, stress busters and memory enhancers.

Factors such as space-crunch, lack of natural greenery and rise in wellness culture have attributed to the resurgence of indoor plants. This is a relatively low maintenance concept and can be easily followed by all. With ample inspiration available on Pinterest and Instagram, indoor gardening has caught the fancy of millennials as well as adults. Today, you can get a wide selection of eye-popping indoor plants that can enhance the décor of your home.

Green Carpet is a Bangalore based one-stop shop for all gardening needs. It offers gardening solutions comprising pots, planters, garden artifacts, garden furniture and garden accessories to help convert one’s dream of living in a clean environment into a reality. Synonymous with the concept of offering complete gardening solutions under one roof, Green Carpet has continuously strived to cater to the needs of the community by offering garden products and services to decrease carbon footprint. Green Carpet products are made to ensure that they are environmentally friendly yet affordable.

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