Home relocation redefined

Home relocation redefined
16/12/2019 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

By Anjani Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Agarwal Packers and Movers

Moving from one city to another city or within the city is a major life decision. Considering details like housing and transportation arrangements may seem obvious, but what else should you consider if you are relocating? What about safety of valuables like cars, plants, and pets while relocating which we so dearly cherish?

The CHAPP Van facilitates moving of considerable number of things like four wheeler, whole family antiques, extraordinary and valuable relics, pets and plants giving space to everything in a particular way to guarantee security during the relocation. For this distinction of launching CHAPP Van, Agarwal Packers and Movers has entered into the LIMCA Book of Records.

This concept is very unique and there is space demarcated for each and every item and ensures better safety and ease of handling varied items. There is also provision for one person to travel with the vehicle, in case the customer so desires.

Currently, when people relocate, pets are transported separately in flight or car, while plants grown with lot of emotions are left behind to survive on their own. When transported separately, transporting pets would take anywhere between 10-15 days, but now with CHAPP Van, pets can be delivered on the same day as household items. The concept, which was developed from customer feedback, has received tremendous response due to huge cost advantage. There is a surge in demand for relocation from bank and information technology employees, besides defence personnel, who would get transfers from one city to another city.

The company has inducted 70 CHAPP Vans for this purpose which also offers a huge cost advantage to both customers and the company. Cost wise, the company charges ₹40 a km for transportation through newly designed vehicle, while transporting household items and cars separately would cost ₹30/km and ₹13-15/km. Shifting of pets and plants would attract transportation charge of anywhere between ₹10-15/ km. The company has tied-up with leading banks and multi-nationals to handle their employees’ relocation nationwide. The company calls it relocation redefined and it’s changing the way businesses think about employee relocation.

The company takes the complete responsibility of shifting all employees of the company whenever, whereever required. Dedicated teams ensure quality packing, quality people, quality material and delivery on time safely. The ₹3,000 crore re-location business is growing at 8-10 per cent per annum, even as commercial goods movement has hit a bump due to weak economic growth.


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