Honoring the Power of Women

Honoring the Power of Women
07/03/2020 , by , in News/Views

Women are pioneers of the society we live in and their empowerment is intertwined with the aura they create for themselves. There is no field that they have not conquered and the stories of their triumph have been inspiring generations. Moreover, the world is witnessing a significant change in all possible arenas highly influenced by ‘women’. Women are leaders  everywhere, from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company, to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household, our country was built by strong women and continues to break down walls and defying stereotypes. They manage to rise through the ranks of impact-focused firms, smashing old paradigms and creating better, more inclusive business models.


Leading by example, Ar. Himani Ahuja, Founder of One digital, glorifies the virtues of ingenuity and conscientiousness. Integrated with a tenacity to achieve her goals, it was her dynamism that resulted in the amalgamation of Communications with Architecture. Heading one of the only Architectural Communications firms dedicated to Architects, Interior Designers & allied product brands, she is a celebrated member of the communications fraternity.


Trained as a textile designer and later as a well -established interior designer, Sujata Chitalwala, Principal Designer at Designers Group, has always had an eye for aesthetics and a flair for people management, this has helped her position herself perfectly in managing and guiding the design team.


Another feisty role model, Ar. Ishvinder Kaur, the Creative Director & Founding Principal at ivpartners, discovered her fascination for this innovative field of design very early & found her stimulus while studying architecture. Having completed eighteen exuberant years in the field of architecture and interior design, she has been a part of numerous celebrated commercial, residential, hospitality, retail and entertainment projects.


Ar. Arushi Bansal, Principal Architect at And Studio, strives to provide unique and specific solutions to every design challenge they are posed, setting new trends in their field of expertise. It is the result of her avid experiences, that has led her to put together a zealous team of individuals with diverse interests and skill sets.


“Growing up, I witnessed my father’s passion for the real estate business which inspired me to choose the same sector. According to me, my biggest achievement as a woman leader is to find happiness and thrill in my creative efforts towards continual growth.  In regards to male domination that exists across industries however, that holds true only in terms of numbers but not in intellect and hence their domination is inconsequential. A woman’s inherent qualities are enough, no special qualities are necessary irrespective of which field she chooses to work in. Having said that, I joined Spenta Corporation as Director and throughout the journey, my father and my brother have been the biggest support and critics, who in times of adversity always rally around me.” shared Anaisha Cooper, Director at Spenta Corporation.


There is no limit to what women can accomplish and these women have grabbed every chance to prove it. Around the world there are countless examples of women rising, taking leadership, taking their destiny into their own hands, inspiring one and all. As women’s day is around the corner the chronicles of these women are sure to persuade you to follow your passions, sincerely and truthfully.


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