Housing societies get dirty water for 4 days

Housing societies get dirty water for 4 days
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Around 10 housing societies in sector 12 of Kamothe have been receiving dirty water through the Cidco water pipeline for the last four days.

A group of residents protested before the Cidco officials on Friday.

Kharghar sector 12 resident Harish Babaria alleged, “For the last four days residents of around 10 housing societies are receiving sewage water that emanates a foul smell. Following our complaint, Cidco has dug up an area around a pipeline but did not locate the problem.”

Babaria added, “Residents went to the Cidco office to protest on Friday morning. By afternoon, Cidco detected the problem but did not take any immediate action to solve the issue.”

Kamothe activist AmolShitole complained, “It’s surprising that the issue continues for over four days without any solution. Public health has been threatened because of the supply of dirty water.”

Cidco assistant executive engineer-water supply Rajiv Kolap said, “Both water supply and drainage pipelines of a society in sector 12, Kamothe, which adjoin each other have broken. Hence the contaminated water has entered further to the other housing societies connected from the Cidco main pipeline.”

Kolap added, “The society has been informed about repairing the pipeline. Cidco has agreed that the society should use the Cidco contractors employed for water supply and drainage pipeline works to get it repaired at the society’s cost.”

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