How is the Co-living industry combating Covid-19?

How is the Co-living industry combating Covid-19?
Mar 2020 , by , in Interviews

Nidhi Kumra, Founder, Your-Space talks about all the precautionary measures that are taken at her company.

For co-living spaces, it is perhaps, the most challenging task to fight the COVID-19 outbreak while prioritizing the health and safety of its residents across different cities, managed with the help of skeletal staff. Amidst the panic-stricken mode where operations and daily functioning of many global industries have become an unabating challenge for the last few months, co-living spaces are battling the extremely communicable disease with the use of safe practices at all their premises, maintaining a vigilant ground task force, while necessitating and ensuring quarantine for all their employees.

The co-living spaces are taking extreme precautionary measures in order to ensure the safety of all their residents and the employees. One of the first steps they have taken by causing awareness among the staff as well as the residents with an extensive marketing strategy at the premises as well using the social media as a platform for the youth, along with maintaining hygiene standards and sanitizing the premises with strict adherence to WHO guidelines. They are also undertaking community-based measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and extending their support to the government in the initiatives undertaken to combat the pandemic, for example – the recent Junta curfew was a massive success and the co-living space industry went all out to support, spread awareness and mark their participation in the initiative. Apart from these, necessitating the hygiene practices, ensuring the proper maintenance and well-functioning of each space and quarantining their employees, many co-living spaces have been making innumerable efforts to cause awareness and take precautionary measures for the safety and well-being of the residents and their employees.

In addition to the above-mentioned practices undertaken, we at Your-Space, have conducted special training sessions for the housekeeping staff and the ground task force at each one of the premises, adhering to the sanitizing practices based on WHO guidelines, maintaining an impeccable quality of hygiene standards in the kitchens and making nutrition as an essential part of the F&B to strengthen the immunity of the residents in order to maintain a healthy environment. Other measures undertaken by us are providing counselling sessions to our students and educating them about maintaining general hygiene and reiterating practices to stay healthy, and providing the vigilant ground task force as well as the residents with PPE(Personal protective equipment) essentials like sanitizers, masks which have been made available at the common areas of the properties. Educating everyone about adopting social distancing- which is the need of the hour and suspending all community activities that require gatherings of a large number of people in a small space to promote the same. Close monitoring of each one of the residents including the staff at the premises and rushing them to the nearest medical practitioner immediately, should the need arise. Most of our employees have been given quarantine and we are working remotely, coordinating with each other across different cities.



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