How Modular Furniture Can Enhance Home Spaces

How Modular Furniture Can Enhance Home Spaces
Apr 2021 , by , in Interviews

Kirit Joshi, Co-founder, Director -Spacewood Furnishers Pvt. Ltd.

What are the reasons for modular furniture becoming homebuyer’s preference?

Today, with smaller houses in busy and crowded metropolises, offer smaller living spaces, and these become even more claustrophobic when one has to stay indoors and work from home. Hence optimum utilisation of space, has become vital, especially for urban homes. Modular or machine-made furniture are catching up as a preferred trend by millennial’s, mainly because of several benefits like being trendy, creative and functional in design, durable and sturdy in quality and affordable. With the increasing need for aesthetic homes among millennial’s, who are choosing to rent smaller apartments for living alone or sharing it with a house mate, functional, sturdy, trendy and affordable modular furniture is becoming the preferred go to for modern, creative and stylish home. For families too, the advantages of having modular furniture, with variety of designs, easy assembly, and set up, as well as functionality and affordability, with easy options to customization, as per available space, is making it very lucrative. Modular and multifunctional furniture designs offer space-saving, aesthetic, and customized solutions to create spaces where one can breathe, move around freely, and feel comfortable in.


Listed here 4 areas where modular furniture can enhance the style, functionality, and vibe of your living space: 

In what ways modular kitchen can enhance functionality?

Considering the evolving trend of kitchens becoming an integral part of the living room, ideal to host a close group or friends or indulge in daily family meals, modular kitchen designs make optimal use of space to create stylish and organised kitchen area that can be doubled up as dining areas. With accessories like internal drawers, pull outs, tandem pantry etc., finishes like Thermofoil, Acrylic, Laquer, glass and  various styles and finishes like classic, modern, or contemporary etc., one can turn the kitchen into a stylish and practical, user friendly space. These days, trendy shelving system includes smart cubes and open shelves in metal which spruces up the elegance of the kitchen, making them smart, with sleek storage and immaculate finish.


In bedrooms what are the areas modular setup can add style?

Modular bedrooms have been in demand, with compact and comfortable beds, made using engineered wood, allowing well designed storage space, ranging from hydraulic, box storage, front pull out storage etc. The high endurance and compact beds also offer a variety of options in types of headboard, upholstery, sizes, integrated storage, customisation, finishes such as matte and glossy, adding to the overall look and decor of the bedroom. 

Wardrobes are an extension of the owner’s personality and play a vital role in not only organizing the clothing essentials, but also ensuring they are well preserved and properly stacked. Modern wardrobes are evolving to aesthetically add to the room decor and blend in, with optimised design to create maximum storage space, while being relatively inconspicuous. Modular wardrobes offer unique and creative designs, ranging from trendy open walk-in closets and sliding door wardrobes, to conventional swing door wardrobes, creating an accessible and stylish place that is maintenance free and easy to clean.


How modular furniture is adding vibe to the living rooms?

The living area of any home is the first and the most important part of the house as it reflects the vibe and sets the tone for the rest of the house. Coupled with aesthetic entrance foyers, living room spaces can be crafty, minimalistic, vibrant, spacious, cosy and inviting for not just the guests but also for those living there. Modular crafty foyer units, entertainment units, coffee table, dining tables, and overall décor can offer the space an elegant and stylish vibe. Modular designs emphasize on style and form in equal measure, while offering customisation and functionality to make this space a true embodiment of the spirit of the people dwelling there. 


What is the market forecast for modular furniture segment?

As per a market forecast, the Indian furniture market is set to grow at a CAGR of 12.91% during the forecast period of 2016-2023, mainly driven by the increasing demand for stylish, durable, and customised furniture that is also affordable. Apart from metropolitan cities, the demand is also increasing in tier-2 cities and small towns across states such as Gujarat, Tamil Nadu etc. Also, projects that allow 100 percent FDI policy are also on rise in the country which is attracting more foreign investors in real estate sector who are rising the quality of residential projects. This in turn is leading to increase in high-end and stylish furniture that is expected to boost the growth of India’s furniture market by end of 2024. Modular furniture is thus set to become a norm, especially in the future trends of smart homes with tech enabled features.

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