How to Transform a Regular Office Space Into a Smart Workplace With Integrated Property Management

How to Transform a Regular Office Space Into a Smart Workplace With Integrated Property Management
30/01/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

– Authored by Kunal Lala, VP, SILA

As a majority of traditional workplaces are set to become smart workplaces, the popularity of integrated property management services is on the rise. In simple terms, it refers to consolidating and streamlining all the office related services and processes and is the foundation of a smart workplace. These services can help you save money, increase the productivity levels of everyone in the organization, aid in sustainability efforts, and enhance operational efficiency. An integrated facilities service provider is responsible for end-to-end solutions and also provides strategic input to the client for taking full advantage of new technologies.

It is important to remember that using a single smart device in the workplace is not sufficient for transforming it into a smart workplace. Several smart devices and other tools have to be linked to a network that works like an orchestra to create a truly smart workplace. A study predicts that there will be 200 billion connected devices in workplaces by 2020 and the global worth of the technology will become $6.2 trillion by 2025. It is possible to revamp old spaces to smart workplaces by following a comprehensive digital workplace strategy. Let’s take a look at the key components of such a strategy:
Start with an assessment
Take stock of the present infrastructure management and assess the existing systems for security, lighting, building automation, fire control, etc. This will allow you to identify where should you start the automation process using integrated property management services and execute it seamlessly.
Focus on clear communication
A robust communication strategy assists in the free flow of information and keeps everyone in the loop. It also helps to keep the employees motivated and increase their productivity levels. When you are transitioning to integrated facilities management, a clear channel of communication between everyone helps in smooth implementation. It also helps to create better relationships between the organization and the various service providers involved in the process.


Pick the right technology
Technology solutions are a critical aspect of an integrated facilities system as the ultimate objective is to integrate different software solutions on one platform. It is important to pick a technology that simplifies your life by increasing efficiency. A good technology solution should be able to create a single point of control to implement integrated services easily. Ensure that the technology you select is able to process data real-time and provide the analytics as well.
Change one system at a time
A radical transformation to smart workplaces should start with small steps. For example, instead of an entire overhaul in a single step, start with smaller systems like automating lighting in the office. This will help you to identify the bottlenecks and look for alternatives without spending a lot of money and energy.
Get the right service partner on board
Given the nature of integration, choose a service partner who will be able to perform. Start the process of selection by asking questions such as experience in integrating existing systems, the ability to scale the new technology and optimization of processes.
Involves everyone who matters
Feedback from all stakeholders is crucial for implementing the integrated property management services. Any problems faced by the users should be escalated quickly so that the necessary solutions can be implemented at the earliest. In fact, a smart workplace should be able to integrate systems across interfaces that allow users to provide real-time feedback about infrastructure management.
Final words
Smart workplaces are the future of work. As more digitally-driven millennials and Gen Z are joining the workforce, it is necessary to give the traditional workplaces a facelift and improve space management, enhancing interactions for your employees. Organizations that embrace the automation of the workplace through integrated property management services can accomplish exceptional opportunities for growth and innovation. In the Indian landscape, the role of integrated property management service providers is becoming more well-defined. The key focus areas are user experience and long-term business outcomes. Service providers are constantly innovating themselves to add a layer of sophistication in facilities management.

If you want to be future-ready, it is time to regroup and chalk out a strategy that can help you revolutionize the workplace.

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