‘I am humbled to receive this award’

‘I am humbled to receive this award’
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Arvind Jain, MD, Pride Group speaks with Realty Plus about his future plans and expresses his contentment of receiving the scroll of honour.

How does it feel to receive the Scroll of Honour from Realty Plus?

It really feels great. I am humbled to receive this award. I would like to thank Realty Plus for recognizing our accomplishments.

Tell us about the strength that drives your organization or people towards the set goals?

As group, our biggest strength is our work force and each employee understanding of the bigger picture. It’s essential that they are aware of the importance of their job that results in high productivity and of course our mission and vision of promising a brilliant quality standard of living acts as a guiding light.

Steering the team in the right direction is important for any organization to succeed. How do you steer and lead your team members?

As mentioned in the previous answer, aligning a workforce to understanding the common goal is highly essential. The result then understands their contribution to the bigger objective and of course encouraging their individual role by appreciating the performers while also encouraging the others at regular intervals. This is a very effective way to motivate employees to perform individually while also being a part of the family.

Please elaborate about your career graph. What has been the decisive moment of your career or on in as life of a developer?

We had grown up about 20-25% in our last 10 years.

Tell us about your company! How would you decide its uniqueness or its USP?

Our company is one that had started small and with the right business decisions, customer understanding & sheer dedication we have become one of the best builders in the city. Our first step to great things was with the launch of Park Street in 2006, and ever since we have never looked back. We established our brand in the high income group segment and now with the launch of our 400 acre property Pride World City, we have taken our brand even further.

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

Every business must fulfill a need gap. Now-a-days, customers are well informed of what they want, so if your product does not match up, success will be tough. Basically, their business acumen coupled with hard work and patience will result in quality of work expected which is a straight road to success.

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