IGMT celebrates Indira Gandhi’s birth centenary with exclusive photo exhibition

IGMT celebrates Indira Gandhi’s birth centenary with exclusive photo exhibition
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The Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust (IGMT) inaugurated an exclusive photo exhibition titled ‘Indira: A Life of Courage’ celebrating the life and times of Indira Gandhi, India’s first, and to date, only woman Prime Minister. Through this photo exhibition, IGMT  commemorates the centenary of her birth on November 19, 1917 the exhibition takes place at 1, Safdarjung Road, her erstwhile residence and now home to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum (IGMM). The exhibition opens to general public on November 21, 2017 and will be on till January 31st, 2018.

The photos exhibit Indira Gandhi’s 17 years at the helm of Indian and foreign affair, in a political career that contained a number of events that have continued to shape Indian and regional politics. A special element of the exhibition is a painstakingly restored video of Indira’s wedding to Feroze Gandhi in Allahabad.

Curated by Deepthi Sasidharan and Pramod Kumar KG, experts in historical and arts-related curation. Talking exclusively to Realty Plus, Sasidharan, said, “We incepted this concept four years back and the meticulous work of four years have culminated and envisaged into this photo exhibition. When we were going through the archives of these pictures, we realised that we are sitting on real treasure and we should showcase this to the world that how was her life and how she has grown and developed India to what it is, IGMT supported us a lot in this endeavour of ours. There are five pavilions, which talks about different aspects of her life. We have 130 spectacular images, which showcases diversity of India and its people, the technological advancements, which we made. So, it is like a parallel chronology of Indira Gandhi and development of India.”

Talking about Indira: A life of courage, former CM Delhi and Trustee Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, Sheila  Dikshit, says, “Today is an occasion which the IGMT strived to bring forth to the current generations of our nation and the globe. This exhibition is poignant reminder of the great leader and personality she was and her dedicated efforts towards our country. Mrs Gandhi was an inspiration when she was alive and still she continues to be.”


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