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In Conversation
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In an Interview of Architect Dhananjay Shinde

How has your journey been so far in the field of Architecture & Interior Design?

We began our design journey in 1991 with interiors for commercial space & bungalows and then moved on to health care, commercial projects and even institutional spaces. Today the firm strives to produce work that is creative, practical and economical, keeping in mind the social environmental aesthetic issues relevant to each project.

What inspired you to create this design for “Design Studio” project?

After 20 years of practice in the city, it all started with an overwhelming feeling of the need to be away from the hustle and bustle, the concrete jungle, the noise and pollution, to be somewhere away in the lap of Mother Nature with fresh sunlight, crisp air, chirping of the birds surrounded by greenery and silence. That’s how our studio took shape in the village of gowardhan around 15kms from the city.

How many months does it take for you to experiment a particular design?

When a project comes up, there are a couple of things which we try to keep in mind. First comes the context where we are building. Every project and every client is different. Projects are as much about the people that inhabit them as they are about the program and the site. We try our best to understand what the client wants what his aspirations are and then we synthesize this with our logic and understanding of our projects providing long term and sensitized solutions. Time varies from project to project.

Source: Zingy Homes

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