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In conversation
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Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba has gone on to complete a range of public and private projects, focusing on residential and cultural programs in her native country. Juaçaba’s work also includes exhibition design and various academic activities — presenting lectures at colleges such as Harvard GSD, the University of Toronto and Columbia’s school of architecture.

Now that computer generated visualizations are so commonplace, is there still a place for physical model making or sketching designs by hand?

I think we (in the west) spent a long time to be able to communicate abstractly, and suddenly our discipline is held hostage to hyper-realism, which is almost kitsch! I use drawings in a very abstract way: a representation of ideas that after a few explanations are not abstract anymore. It is an invitation to the imagination of others.

Can you tell us about any projects you are currently working on that you are especially excited about?

I am working on a few housing projects, exhibition designs, and for the first time I am participating on an invited competition for an institute in Rio. I am especially excited about a small home named ‘casa posse’, where the foundation is the structure that supports the entire construction, and also a children’s hospice for palliative care.

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