In conversation

In conversation
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Shawn Curran, President, Curran Architecture says his firm creates design solutions that meet client’s needs. Shawn Curran founded his architectural firm 13 years ago on the tenets of building strong relationships, taking care of his clients’ needs and using a hands-on approach to design.

What are some of your most memorable experiences as a designer?

I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like work to me. I like being able to help clients and see them succeed. It’s nice to know our design for an office space, restaurant or warehouse is helping a business function well. Each time I’ve made a step toward growth has been exciting. The first hire, first office space and other firsts all took a leap of faith and meant things were moving in the right direction. I’ve also enjoyed building strong relationships with our repeat clients. Many have come back time and again over the years, and many have become good friends with members of our staff. I wish I had known more of business management lessons I’ve since learned on the job.

What kind of training is needed in your line of work?

Becoming a registered architect requires a college degree (and in most cases, a master’s degree in architecture), followed by a two- or three-year internship at an architectural firm and a series of exams. After taking these exams and gaining experience, an intern can apply for licensing. Communication skills, listening, being able to read between the lines and paying attention to detail are all very important in this profession.


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