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In conversation
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London based planning consultant Ufuk Bahar of Urbanist Architecture Ltd has designed and completed over 100 projects in London, which include renovations, extensions and new build houses and flats.

Is obtaining planning permission difficult in London?

Getting planning permission is pretty straightforward. However, it is very important the way you start preparing the planning application. If your architect or planning consultant start the project with assessing the opportunities and constraints, develop a good design to meet the guidelines of the council and then negotiate with the planning officers and arrive at a design that both you and the officers are happy with, you can then experience less stress and better results in every aspect of your projects.

You have a very high success rate with planning applications. How do you achieve this?

That’s the easy bit. We formulate a bespoke planning strategy for each and every project to win planning permission. We maximise the chances of our projects by finding the sweet spot between the council’s planning policies, and what is commercially sound for our clients. We use a technique which is unique to us. Our clients tell us it is “Advanced Smart Planning & Design” with an unconventional twist. The only thing we care about is whether we get the planning permission or not. Results are what matters.

Can a planning consultant guarantee planning permission?

No. There is no guarantee that planning permission will be given as these decisions rest with the planning authority. When engaged to submit an application, the planning consultant should consider any local authority guidelines and statutory requirements so it has the best chance of success. So, I would highly suggest landlords to be wary of anyone claiming they can guarantee planning permission.
What kind of projects do you generally work on?

The projects we focus on range from house extensions and renovation projects to new build houses and mixed-use master plans, which include residential developments, and office, hospitality and leisure schemes. With professional care and attention, we work across all fields of planning permission applications, interior design, architectural design and urban design.

Source: CYLEX

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