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In conversation
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In an exclusive interview with Michael O’Connor, Founder, Praxis

Can you describe your work methods?

It’s a fluid process that comes from meeting the client first, then trying to research a project thoroughly before putting any pen to paper. Making sure the brief is well-established with the client is essential. Next, drawings and models are used to inform the brief, as well as further into detailed design. It is an ever-evolving process.

How is your architectural practice evolving?

I wouldn’t like to see our practice become a big practice. I would certainly like to have a stronger presence in London and a slightly larger practice here in Limerick, with both working in parallel. I suppose we’d like to, particularly in London, get involved a little bit more in design-oriented projects. In London, we tend to work on projects where we’ve been appointed later in the process, often at construction stage. In Ireland, I’d like to see more variety in building types, which is obviously difficult in the current climate. With the current procurement regime, it’s very hard to be appointed to larger building projects because small practices are automatically made ineligible. We’re currently working on a number of research projects to fill that void.

What’s next for Praxis?

At the moment, we have two extension projects in Limerick that will start on site in the early autumn and that we’re looking forward to doing. After that, we’re desiging an exhibition for a research project that we’ve been looking at over a number of years. It’s related to the Sarsfield House building beside Arthur’s Quay in Limerick City. We hope to exhibit and possibly publish this work in September or October this year.

Source: Architecture Ireland

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