Indian architecture Global Attention

Indian architecture Global Attention

Text: Sreyasi Maity

India’s rising economic prosperity and booming infrastructure demands of the country have made it an attractive proposition for global design firms like UK based RMJM & Lord Norman Foster, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Llp (SOM), Zaha Hadid Architects, and Hong Kong architect James Law to name just a few.

Sanjay Puri

From towering new skyscrapers, sprawling IT parks, glitzy airport and swanky townships to slum redevelopment and heritage conservation, the global imprint is undeniable. On the other end of the spectrum Indian architects too are winning international accolades for their work in India as well as winning project assignments in other countries. Sanjay Puri’s low-rise student hostel ‘The Street’ won top honours in World Architecture Festival (WAF) in 2018. His Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Designs has won International Architecture Award. Winning the World’s Best Residential Building of 2017 at the LEAF Awards, London and the World’s Best Future Infrastructure Project of 2017 at the World Architecture Festival, Berlin, Sanjay Puri Architects have now won 127 international architecture awards.

Amit Gupta & Britta

Likewise, the young architects Amit Gupta & Britta Knobel Gupta aim to change the global perception of contemporary Indian architecture. After completing Masters in Architecture and urbanism from Architectural Association London and working with Zaha Hadid Architects for 5 years, the duo started their own practice in India in 2010. Though established international firms have a strong presence in the Indian architecture industry, Gupta insists it’s time for young, fresh, creative new design houses to make their mark.

Taking Feminism a step further

Real estate is considered a male dominated field and we hardly have women as developers in India. As most large real estate firms are family-run businesses, the reins usually are passed on to the sons of the family. However the change of tide is already evident with second generation women taking reins of the businesses  such as Nirupa Shankar of Brigade Group in Bengaluru , Darshana Parmar, Parmar Group  & Gunjan Goel of Goel Ganga Group of Pune or Bani Anand of ATS in Delhi to name a few.

trupti doshi

But from a design world to the world of real estate is a journey not many a women across the world have travelled. Taking that unravelled path is architect Trupti Doshi who is the developer of Auroma French Villaments in Pondicherry. She was also at the first all women TEDx Talk in Greece where she delivered a talk focused on “Making smart buildings before making buildings smart”. With the advent of smart cities, her longing for looking back at nature instead of electronics to make homes smart has inspired her real estate project. Also read

Safeguarding Green Architecture

Green building being synonymous with eco-friendly materials, taking it a step further are architects that are going back to mother earth to source building materials. Across countries architects are creating interior and exterior projects by recycling varied materials and objects and using them in an innovative way.  Some Indian architects on their part are silently bringing in a revolution of natural building methods that utilises the raw materials of the earth.

Vinu Daniel

Mud architecture initiated by Laurie Baker in India, was adopted by many of his followers, the prominent among them is Vinu Daniel. His project, St. George Church in Kochi won him an International Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2018. He has brought global attention to his experimentation with scrap and experimenting with scrap and mud and practically anything that is sustainable from bamboo, mud and broken bricks to scrap metal, used bottles, jute sacks and coconut shells. Through his low-cost and eco-friendly houses, he is encouraging people to sustain whatever is remaining in the construction material and use it in a way that future generations can see Earth as a better place.

 Convergence of Fashion and Real Estate

The fine line between fashion and interiors is blurring as many fashion designers are turning their creative eye towards home interiors. Internationally fashion designers from Armani, to Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and even Oscar de la Renta, all have decided to go further and conquer new territories. In India the name that stands out is of ace Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani whose designs speak of luxury, refinement and sophistication. Winning the Fashion Legend Award of the Year in 2018, he is extending his creative approach into home interiors with his newest venture Ahilia Homes which have inspired India’s rich traditions of craftsmanship. Being a cynosure of handwork and local crafts, we look forward to his intelligent integration of real estate materials in the contemporary design.

Rise of Digital Architecture

Architectural services are often accessible to financially well-off individuals and organizations. Despite the overwhelming need for housing for poor people, the role of architecture thus gets restricted. But architecture on the internet is changing the scenario. With the rise of the internet, architecture has become easier than ever to explore and execute. It has the potential to radically disrupt the relationship between architects, developers, and consumers.

Technology has created some amazing tools and resources bringing useful information at our fingertips. Modern technology has made it possible to accomplish a wide range of architectural works like construction, addition and remodelling. The home-grown online consultancy firms like Apnaghar, Arcmax, and Homes4India apart from many others are delivering architectural solutions and services across India and abroad. Being a multi-disciplinary design, online architectural services provide product designs much faster than the physical designers.

Digital architecture will bring a comprehensive approach for design from the inception to completion in order to turn architectural vision in reality. Online architecture will make more accessible to middle-class people who desire a well-built house. Architecture in an e-commerce platform values aesthetics for designs where it can bring all your plans for Resorts, Hotels, high-rise apartment buildings, cottages, row houses and many more. Online plans are provided by state-of-the-art technologies to create the perfect architectural blueprint designed by highly skilled Indian architects.

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