Inhabit Unveils Bespoke Collection Of Furniture – Noveau

Inhabit Unveils Bespoke Collection Of Furniture – Noveau
Jan 2021 , by , in Press Room

With her keen anti-minimal and passionately original approach to design, Neeta Kumar, furniture and interior designer, and founder of Inhabit, has charted her own unique path in the interior decor world. She has just launched a bespoke series of furniture pieces – Noveau. Crafted with high-end materials and exhibiting innovative design, every piece is meticulously created.

As the name suggests, the Noveau collection is a magnificent range of modern furniture for contemporary homes.  ‘Noveau’ which translates to ‘new art’ features bold furniture pieces with curved lines and organic shapes. The timeless pieces have strong silhouettes and colorful tones, showcasing the brand’s trademark high quality carpentry and upholstery. The furniture is effortlessly magnificent, displays refinement and is chic and arresting.

The striking Noveau collection comprises statement chairs, a sofa set and a dining table. The furniture pieces exhibit one-of-a-kind forms, flawless craftsmanship and a vibrant color palette. They have an exquisite design aesthetic, while still being functional. The Noveau range is ideal for trendsetters who like to socialize and host at home. “Your home is both a sanctuary and a canvas for self-expression,” says Neeta Kumar.

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