Innovate for Resilience: Be Part of the Real Estate Revival

Innovate for Resilience: Be Part of the Real Estate Revival
Jul 2020 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Greetings from Realty+, an exchange4media & BW BusinessWorld Group publication.

As India gears up for a recovery from the pandemic and lockdown situation, the need of the moment for the real estate industry is resilience. The environment of resilience will empower industry professionals to adapt and innovate even in the face of challenges.

Realty+, the premier media & publication for the real estate industry in India, has continued to innovate amidst the tough times of COVID-19 with various digital products designed to keep the industry connected and engaged, such as the Realty+ Masterclass Webinar Series and Realty+ Real Talk Video Interview Series.

We are glad to announce the 12th Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards, WEST: Virtual Experience in September! The theme of the event is ‘Building Resilience’, featuring live-streaming knowledge sessions on the road ahead for Real Estate, and a virtual Awards event felicitating the top performers in India’s WEST Zone Real Estate.

We invite you to send your nominations for this unique virtual awards event, which will serve as a tribute to the resilient spirit of real estate companies, and inspire a new wave of revival in the sector.

This online event will inspire and engage a larger, more inclusive audience of realty stakeholders across geographical borders, while still adhering to the guidelines of safety and wellbeing.

Details of the event are as follows;

  • Date: September, 2020
  • Where: Realty+ Portal & Facebook Page (by registration only)
  • Qualifying State: Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa

Link to last year Winners & Awards coverage – CLICK HERE

Realty+ Excellence Awards are primarily divided into 8 main categories, kindly view them here:

Realty+ Conclave

Live-streaming knowledge sessions from experts, insightful keynote talks and engaging panel discussions on emerging trends in real estate, and what lies ahead for the industry.

Realty+ Excellence Awards

The first of its kind real estate virtual awards will felicitate the top performers in India’s WEST Zone Real Estate, and will serve as a source of inspiration for industry professionals in these tough times.

Here’s what you can look forward to at the 12th Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards, WEST: Virtual Experience

  1. Although the virtual experience is new, the Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards has been taking place pan India for the last 12 years, earning it credibility and repute evident in its participating eminent speakers, expert jury and engaged audience
  2. Based on the popularity of the Realty+ Masterclass Webinar series (another digital initiative of Realty+), a well-marketed and timely virtual event featuring high-quality content can attract a viewership of more than 15K!
  3. Attendees will have virtual networking opportunities to interact and collaborate with other participants in real time
  4. The Virtual Conclave will include Sponsor Spotlight sessions that provide partnering companies an opportunity to present their innovation, products and brand’s vision
  5. Engaging keynote sessions from our highly-anticipated guest keynote speakers
  6. Best-in-class insights and strategies from leading-edge experts
  7. On-demand access to the sessions post-event

For more details; contact us at

Looking forward to your participation in this Virtual ‘Realty’ Experience for the Real Estate Sector!


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