Inspiring Value Creation Across Sectors

Inspiring Value Creation Across Sectors
Mar 2020 , by , in Latest News

In the present times design has gone beyond what one’s own knowledge and skills set. At the recently held Realty+ IN-EX Conclave in Mumbai, experts from the different fields of design came together to have an enthusiastic discussion.

The field of design being a multidisciplinary segment one has various facets to it. In today’s day and age,  does the future of design lie in the various design fields collaborating or are they better going solo.

Architect Puran Kumar, Founder, Studio PKA was of the view that in the increasingly globalized and connected world teeming with great ideas and outstanding innovations, the time has come for the architects to recognise the necessity of working together as a design community. “We need to collaborate as experts from various fields of design and bring together the different advantages each sector provides. That will be the  transformation, design will undergo.”

Arjun Rathi, Industrial Designer & Photographer, Principal- Arjun Rathi Design Studio concurred, “In most fields of design, collaboration is extremely important. As we learn from each other, maintaining discipline across the varied fields too is very important. In terms of design in general the boundaries tend to blur a lot. There is a lot of cross collaboration that is happening that is driving design thinking. The way spaces are being designed are changing.”

Ruchika Grover – Founder & Creative Director, Odyssey Stones added, “Unlike few years back, today we see a lot of opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders of design and real estate. As most of my work is digitally created, when I collaborate with architects or real estate developers the product outcome is phenomenal. Technology is a crucial component in the transformation of design. The industry as a whole is adopting technology on a large scale. However, more than technology it is communication that holds the key to success”

Sharing a developer’s perspective Dr. Ananya Gandotra, Head Design Architecture, Engineering and Sustainability, Birla Estates expressed, “Developers are aware of specializations within the design segment and are now increasingly involving expert consultants to deliver a holistic and an eco-sensitive project. A single architect or design head may not always be able to design every aspect of the project in detail that is why it is very crucial to have various fields of design join forces.”

While, the designers have begun to proactively engage with other design segments, there is also evident a change in the design strategies. From involving specialists to local craftsmen.

Architect Reza Kabul, President, ARK Reza Kabul Architects said, “Back in the day, an architect had to handle all aspects of the project. From lighting to landscape to even cost analysis and project management was an architect’s responsibility. But times have changed since then and for the better. Today, integration and collaboration is the need of the hour. Every project we come across has multiple designers from varied fields of expertise. That’s what increases the magnitude of a project.”

Kapil Gupta, Co-Founder & Principal, Serie Architects stated that in current times, architects will have to keep their egos in check as collaboration is the key to success. “Historically speaking, an architect was a master craftsman that guided other fellow craftsmen because he understood every aspect of the building. With times, complexities of a buildings have grown manifold and it’s almost impossible for an architect to be the repository of that amount of knowledge. So, involvement of experts of various design & construction segments is a requisite.”

Design always had and will always have a social dimension to it.


With the changing mind-sets of the designers, there is also an enhancement of product value for the customer, whether it is a home, office or an interior or exterior product. Also, visible is the designer’s inclination towards reviving traditional crafts.

Rathi shared his experience, “For lighting products we work with many crafts people in UP that do glasswork. We had also, done a crowd funding for a glassmaker to get him a glass cutting machine. I believe such interactions between designers and artisans is a win-win situation for both.”

Likewise, Grover’s brand directed at the contemporary international market, celebrates innovation in digital design while staying true to local Indian artisanship.

In fact, the speakers were of the view that most architects and designers are working with some local industry and handicrafts or the other, to bring the regional flavour and sensibilities within their designs, which in turn is helping social and economic upliftment of the local trades people.

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