Install solar panels to save on bills

Install solar panels to save on bills
14/12/2016 , by , in ALLIED

Aiming to promote renewable energy, a Vizag-based startup – RED Solar Private Limited – is working towards promoting the use of solar energy and installing solar panels in residential and commercial buildings in the city.

RED Solar co-founder Venkatesh Majji said, “Both of us (Venkatesh and Rajesh) have worked in the US and are passionate about renewable energy sources. We realised that there is a huge potential for solar energy in India. At the same time, we believe that by investing in solar energy, we can also provide employment to students from core branches such as civil and electrical engineering.”

Furthermore, he said, “Until now, we have set up solar energy systems in two colleges and three residential houses. In addition to reaching out to individual customers, we are reaching out to many EPC contractors and be a sub contractor for them. There are lot of people who are interested in such solar energy systems in Vizag.”

Elaborating on the advantages, he said, “We provide a complete system based on the grid concept. So, we provide net meter by collaborating with EPDCL. Whatever excess power is generated can be sold to the discom. During the day, people can use the solar energy to meet their requirements and at night power can be drawn from the discom. So customers will be charged only for what they use and the remaining is sold to the discom.”

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