International Quality Kitchens with Indian Sensibilities

International Quality Kitchens with Indian Sensibilities
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“Our business ethic of quality without compromise translates into better-designed, high performance products.” Paritosh Patel, Managing Director, Tiara Furniture Systems.


Brief on the Company’s leadership

Tiara is driven by the passion and commitment of its visionary founders, Dashrath Patel and Paritosh Patel. The company’s ‘Thought Leader’, Dashrath Patel has long been recognized by the industry for his path breaking manufacturing innovation and exacting need for quality. He’s the sharply dressed guy you will most likely run into at the manufacturing unit, with a Zen-like corner-desk that belies the amount of work it sees.

Tiara’s penchant for ubiquitous and precise luxury is powered by the Director Paritosh Patel, whose international design aesthetic and affinity for innovation can be found in Tiara products.

All the work that goes into a TIARA product – from user research to hundreds of design sketches to the notoriously stringent quality standards – is about a simple and elemental truth: what you have in front of you may have been produced by a machine, but it is shaped by a human hand.


What is the Company’s brand vision?

A great idea always puts people first. Tiara’s genius lies in the deft adaptation of international standards with common sense based on climate and social structures. Tiara brings together the quality of highend manufacturing and the boutique approach of personalized attention to every piece it produces.

Design is in everything Tiara makes; but it’s also there in the things that influence what it make: science, storytelling, craft, and philosophy. For Tiara design is interlinked with human behavior: the company believes not just in designing products, but in designing spaces that help enhance lives, for the better.


The Product design philosophy of the Company

Tiara has been building world-class kitchens and furniture dedicatedly and successfully for over two decades now. The focus is on first-class materials, talented craftsmanship, and technical precision and genuine customer service. Here innovation and technology are combined with timeless aesthetics to become a personal expression of stylish living.

The striking appeal of its products often belies the proprietary ergonomic design and stringent internal processes that goes into building products that can last a generation. Tiara works closely with architects, interior designers and clients to create products that match every customer’sunique lifestyle and create the ideal blend of form and function.


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