Interview of Mr. Amin Patel, MLA of Kamathipura area in Mumbai

Interview of Mr. Amin Patel, MLA of Kamathipura area in Mumbai
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Realty Plus: What are the key reasons behind the redevelopment of Kamathipura?

Amin Patel: Precisely, the landlords and tenants are the two big reasons behind the redevelopment of Kamathipura. They are aspiring for better lives with spacious flats. It is the first place where landlords are also staying with tenants. The parcel of land owned by the landlord is very small and thus, we have assigned Sailesh Mathura as the Project Management Consultant to look after the redevelopment.

Realty Plus: Cluster redevelopment is the need of the hour. What is your take on it?

Amin Patel:We are inspired by the Bhendi Bazar cluster redevelopment and thus, we are applying the same model for Kamathipura redevelopment. In the entire 39 acres of land in Kamathipura, there is only a single playground which is also a concern. We want that people should get proper amenities.

Realty Plus: Any developer that has been given a responsibility as of now?

Amin Patel: We are in the process of shorlisting the developers. We have already sent our proposal to various developers. By 31st of March, we will inform the exact name of the developer who will be doing the redevelopment.

Note:The full story on Kamathipura redevelopment and interview will appear in the forthcoming issue of Realty Plus

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