Interview with Aaron Block, Co-Founder and MD of MetaProp, New York

Interview with Aaron Block, Co-Founder and MD of MetaProp, New York
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You’re Co-Founder and MD of MetaProp NYC, which brings together the brightest minds in real estate and technology. Can you please tell us more about your activities?

We start with a twelve-week open application period that garners more than 150+ exciting new technologies new submissions. Then, over 22 weeks, the top handful of startup CEOs come together here in NYC every Tuesday to work with MetaProp NYC on product development, manufacturing, recruiting and fundraising. But, most of the time is spent growing: securing new pilots, launching new customer tests, connecting with key media and acquiring new end users.


Why did you accept to become a jury member for MIPIM Startup Competition?

Earlier in my career, I was the the youngest partner in Cushman & Wakefield’s European division, based in Moscow. One of the most valuable (and fun) activities each year was MIPIM. I have fond memories of connecting with old friends, meeting new friends and learning from the exhibits and sessions. Returning to Cannes to help share the best of global RETech is a real honor!


Which real estate startup impressed you the most in 2015, and why?

There was so much progress in 2015!  It’s hard to pick the most impressive company. In our world, I’m most proud of the Rentalutions team. Their technology is the only full service platform that DIY landlords can use to manage their rental properties. This is a really tough space that’s very fragmented. The Rentalutions folks more than doubled their base of small and medium sized landlords in 2015, started a huge partnership with State Farm insurance and raised an important equity funding round. Fabulous success!


What, in your opinion, are the most innovative ways to tackle the global issue of housing today?


People will be able to live in cheaper areas and be similarly productiveThe best way to combat the affordable housing crisis is through co-housing and micro housing. Through the proliferation of technology, people can share household items and space more efficiently, allowing landlords to utilize space more efficiently.

Source: Global real estate experts

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